Western Navarro Bobwhite Restoration Initative

About Us

The Western Navarro Bobwhite Recovery Initiative (WNBRI) was established in 2006 to provide a plan and mechanism to deliver bobwhite and grassland bird conservation to local landowners in the western 1/3 of Navarro County, Texas.  Since its inception, the WNBRI has grown to 35 members and assembled a cumulative land base for applied habitat enhancement and management of close to 30,000 acres.

Partnerships with government agencies such as Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, along with non-profit organizations such as Trinity Waters and National Wild Turkey Federation have been critical to WNBRI’s success.  Since 2006, WNBRI has received donations of a native grass and forb seed mix from Audubon Texas, a Truax no-till seed drill and prescribed burning equipment from Trinity Waters, and cost shared prescribed burning projects with the National Wild Turkey Federation.  The partnerships from these organizations along with the technical assistance provided from government agencies have so far contributed to the restoration of close to 1,500 acres of native grassland, treated about 500 acres of mesquite brush, and conducted prescribed burns on roughly 300 acres.

Going forward, WNBRI members will have the benefit of receiving more free seed mixes for native grassland restoration projects, herbicides for invasive vegetation control, low cost rental of the Truax seed drill, low cost rental of the prescribed burning trailer and equipment, and hopefully much more.  Additionally, WNBRI will be partnering with the organizations listed on the sidebar to provide technical and financial cost share projects to its members in the near future. 

To see a list of the current projects and equipment are available to WNBRI members’, go to the Assistance Programs page.

To see an overview of completed habitat projects, go to the Project Spotlight page.

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