Western Navarro Bobwhite Restoration Initative

Assistance Programs

The Western Navarro Bobwhite Recovery (WNBRI) Initiative is proud of the fact that it can offer its members either free or low cost use of materials and equipment necessary for restoring and\or managing native grassland habitat that is critical for bobwhite production and brood rearing.  Much of the equipment that WNBRI provides to its members is typically very hard to come by and it is usually very expensive to contract someone who does have it.  Therefore, WNBRI is able to ease some of the financial burdens often associated with restoring native grasses and forbs and/or managing the land to provide usable habitat for bobwhites and other grassland birds.

*Programs are only available to registered WNBRI members whose projects are located within the designated initiative area.

Below is a list of the programs that WNBRI is currently offering to its members.

Native Grass and Forb Seed

Native Grass and Forb Seed Program

When available, WNBRI offers free native grass and forf seed to members who are restoring these plants as a part of their management plan.

The WNBRI Seed Mix includes the following grasses and forbs.
*Little bluestem              *Big Bluestem                   *Indiangrass
*Side-oats Grama           *Bristlegrass                      *Partridge Pea
*Illinois Bundleflower    *Maximillion sunflower  *Purple Coneflower

Truax No-till Seed Drill

Truax No-till Seed Drill Rental Program

Native grass and forb seed are very light weight and require planters with a specialized fluffy seed box to deliver and appropriately plant the seed.  Additionally, seed planters with fluffy seed boxes are extremely hard to come by locally.

WNBRI has a Truax No-till Seed Drill with a fluffy seed box that WNBRI members can rent at a low rate.

Herbicide Program
Some native grassland restoration projects require an initial treatment with 41% Glyphosate herbicide to control competing vegetation during the early phases of establishment.

Currently, WNBRI has acquired a donation of 700 gallons of Ranger Pro herbicide (active ingredient – 41% Glyphosate).  This herbicide will be available to WNBRI members who will be restoring native grasses to the following pasture cover types.
*Bermudagrass (all varieties)
*King Ranch Bluestem

Prescribed Burning

Prescribed Burning Program

Prescribed fire is a critical tool in managing native grasslands as well as early successional habitat for bobwhites. 

WNBRI has acquired a trailer with all of the necessary equipment to conduct prescribed burns.  The Prescribed Burn Trailer and equipment is available to WNBRI Members who have an approved TPWD, NRCS, or PBAT burn plan.