Western Navarro Bobwhite Restoration Initative


May 2013

Texas received $5.5 million today in WHIP farm bill funding focused on bobwhites and Trans-Pecos antelope that will need to be obligated before the end of this fiscal year (Sept 30th). (See email below)

 The antelope area includes the expansion Annaliese asked for.  The bobwhite area is fairly large - see attached list of eligible counties and map.

 NRCS is asking our help in locating landowners in the eligible counties that would be interested in receiving cost shares funding for improving habitat for bobwhites or antelope.  This would include brush control, prescribed fire, conversion of exotic grasses to natives, range reseeding, fencing and water development, grazing management etc depending on the critter.

 Since this is WHIP funding, nontraditional landowners (those that don't necessarily make or lose $1,000/yr farming or ranching) can also qualify for this program.

 Please check with your local DC before sending interested folks to their offices.  The NRCS Zone leaders were just told about this new funding this morning and it might take a while for the word to get out to field staff.

See list of counties (docx).