Member Assistance Programs

The Wester Navarro Bobwhite Recovery Initiative (WNBRI) is proud of the fact that it can offer its members either free or low cost use of materials and equipment necessary for restoring and/or managing native grassland habitat that is critical for bobwhite quail and other native grassland bird production and brood rearing. Much of the equipment that WNBRI provides to its members is typically very hard to come by and it is usually very expensive to contract someone who does have it. Therefore, WNBRI is able to ease some of the financial burdens often associated with restoring native grasses and forbs and/or managing the land to provide usable habitat for bobwhites and other grassland birds. 

The following programs are only available to registered WNBRI Members whose projects are located within the designated initiative area. 

Habitat Enhancement Program

Through the Habitat Enhancement Program (HEP) members have the ability to use the WNBRI Truax no-till seed drill to enhance landowner restoration and management plans. Additionally, each year we have a donated amount of native grassland seed to provide to our members, free of cost, to enhance their restoration and management plans. To learn more about this program please contact us using the following button.